G and G Peppers, LLC is a pepper processing facility located outside of the small town of Gaston Indiana. Founded, owned and operated locally by Gary Reichart and Greg Cox since the facility was established in 1992.

At G and G Peppers, LLC we grow, process, and store jalapeno, cherry, banana, and habanero peppers. In the late 2000’s G and G Peppers, LLC expanded its facility from 31000 sq feet to 44000 sq feet to accommodate a new and improved processing area for fresh peppers throughout the harvest season. The expansion of the factory was necessary due to the volume increase and production output of G and G Peppers, LLC and our dedicated employees. Through hard work and dedication G and G Peppers, LLC has been producing pepper products for the past 24 years to customers all over the United States.

How We Got Started

To better utilize his farming operations, Gary decided to produce jalapeno peppers on a small scale and sell to a northern processor. In addition, the continual development of new products at Red Gold, Inc., a large Midwestern tomato processor, led to the need for brined jalapeno peppers as an ingredient and opened the door for another avenue of pepper products. A friend and fellow farmer, Greg Cox was approached about forming a partnership to fill this need for a local company and thus G and G Peppers was born. Since then Gary’s wife, Michelle, has joined the operation as plant manager and successfully assisted in the modernization of G and G Pepper’s production facilities and practices. From this small opportunity, new markets were found and G and G Peppers has grown into a large jalapeno pepper processor dedicated to providing the highest quality peppers available.

Gary and Greg raise over 150 acres of jalapenos and other peppers using drip irrigation systems located locally on fertile Indiana farm soil, to ensure a uniform and top-quality pepper with consistent heat levels. The seedlings are raised in Greg’s greenhouses and then transplanted into our fields that are just a short distance from our processing plant and greenhouse’s. This ensures the peppers that arrive are fresh when delivered and processed in a highly efficient manner. Giving G and G Peppers, LLC the ability to control every aspect from seedlings, field transplants, and fresh effective processing methods ensures that our customers receive a high quality and consistent product that they can count on.